Effusive Dragons

Just for fun from the "University of Storytelling." You can cheer on your team: Home of the Effusive Dragons. Bold, eye-catching design that has been a favorite for many of our customers. Lots of colors to choose from. See other parts of the site for long-sleeve and sweats. ©2015 Storyteller.net


These shirts are 100% cotton and they WILL SHRINK a bit when you wash them. We do suggest that you wash them (cold water) to remove the base spray. NOW- when you order these shirts, expect them to SHRINK 1/2 size. If you want your shirt to fit "looser" then order up a size or two. Please note the Women/Ladies sizes tend to run a bit smaller as well.

The designs done with white colors print in either a silver or white ink, depending on the shirt being ordered. If you order a light-color shirt with white ink, you will not be happy. If you order a dark ink on a dark-colored shirt, you will not be happy. While we make all the colors available, think carefully about the colors you order. You are responsible for the choice you make in the base color of the clothing you choose here.

Shipping prices vary based on a number of factors, with the average being between $4 and $8 per item, with larger, heavier items costing the higher price. You will be shown the shipping price after you enter the destination address and before you make a final buying decision.

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